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Wellness Workshop for Reiki Practitioners

Are you a certified Reiki Practitioner who is interested in continuing your learning while deepening your connection to this Divine healing art?

Are you interested in being in an experiential, supportive, compassionate learning environment with like minded peers who are also certified Reiki practitioners?

Are you seeking a Reiki exchange collaborative?

Then this IS the answer to your seeking!

Together we explore and support each other in further navigating the benefits of this truly empowering healing modality for ourselves and others. 

Monthly themes include: what our chakras tell us, answering our calling, cultivating our intuition, reiki and the power of intention, and more!

To support the intention of nourishing our Mind, Body, and Spirit- each gathering will also entail the exchanging of healing sessions. 

A true workshop for your Soul-yay!

Suggested Donation: $15