An ancient art of healing, Reiki is the least invasive modality.  When a child falls and scrapes their knee, as an instinct we hold them close to our hearts and lay hand on the wound.  The sound of the Nurturers beating heart is experienced in comfort, as warmth from their loving hand is embraced.  This is Reiki- the instinct to sending love, warmth, and comfort for easement.    

During a session, a triad is formed between the Healer, Receiver and Reiki Energy creating profound capacity to the healing of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  In a Reiki Healing session, the Healer serves as a nurturing conduit, channeling Reiki energy, healing the Be-ing as a whole.  She is instinctually tuned into the energetic needs of the Receiver, lovingly aides the body in releasing blockages and toxins that no longer serve, while energy centers (chakras) are realigned, and a sense of balance is reinstated.  

Information the Healer receives and shares further nurtures the Receiver in their journey of self-healing.  Although, not a diagnostic tool for medical conditions or present mental health and emotional aliments, Reiki benefits everyone that experiences it.  The energy eases pain, relaxes muscles and calms the emotions.       



**Reiki is not used as a diagnostic tool.