Healing with Reiki

When a child falls + scrapes their knee, as an instinct, we are drawn to hold them close to our hearts + lay hand on the wound.  The sound of the Nurturers beating heart is comforting, as warmth from their loving hand is embraced.  This is Reiki - the instinct to send love, warmth + comfort for easement.    

As an ancient form of healing, Reiki is the least invasive modality.

During a session, a triad is formed between the Healer, Receiver + Reiki Energy creating profound capacity to the healing of our physical, emotional, mental + spiritual bodies. In a Reiki Healing session, the Healer serves as a nurturing conduit, channeling Reiki energy, while supporting healing of the Be-ing as a whole.  She is instinctually tuned into the energetic needs of the Receiver + lovingly aides the body in releasing blockages + toxins that no longer serve as energy centers (chakras) are realigned + a sense of balance is reinstated.  

Information the Healer receives + shares further nurtures the Receiver on their journey of self-healing.  Although, not a diagnostic tool for medical conditions or present mental health + emotional aliments, Reiki benefits everyone that experiences it.  As the most intelligent form of healing, the energy eases pain, relaxes muscles + calms the emotions.

Reiki Healing sessions are available both distance or in-person.

*Reiki is not used as a diagnostic tool.      

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Dr. Usui Reiki Certification Courses First Degree through Mastership!

Jen is simply amazing! I had a Reiki session with her a little over a month ago and it was truly one of the best experiences of my life. I felt the energy in the room the moment I walked thru the door. Without knowing much about me she validated a lot of what I knew to be true even the things I was attempting to ignore. It was done with so much love and light that leaving just made me want more.
I encourage all who are curious about Reiki and curious about learning more about themselves to seek Jen. She is your person.
— Amy B.
Words can almost not describe the transformational power Jennifer posses. I had three consecutive reiki sessions with her early this summer and I saw more healing and happiness within myself than I have for a long time- more than I had with any other healer. Her kind energy is infectious and also empowering. If you are looking for energy work I highly suggest Jennifer! She brought so much joy to my life and helped bring clarity and direction like never before. It’s my prayer that more people are able to work with Jennifer closely, as the world would have a greater abundance of love and light.
— Hannah M.

"Cannot give enough stars to express how I feel about my experience with Jennifer. I did my Level I and II Reiki Attunement with Jennifer and it was simply beautiful.
Her demeanor is so kind, and soft you feel completely held in love and like possibly, you've know her all your life. My Attunement was a soulful ritual that left me feeling completed lifted and connected to a deep, deep part of my self. I cannot recommend Jennifer enough and feel so very lucky to have found this wonderful human. Thank you from my whole heart Jennifer!" Hannah T.