Winning in Our dreams

A dream is a rhythmic telling of lusted love in our yearnings for meaning. Easily caught in what we feel we lack, of where we are not, in love not called in, this negative fantasy becomes a self-perpetuating dream, our life’s song, that we are eager to awake from. 

Acknowledging that there is a deeper intention set by our hearts in service to remembering who we are, it is worth winning in our dreams, too. 

Love yourself even more when in judgment.
I often wonder what the purpose of judgment is, how it is that when I dare to live in accordance to my Heart, I also leave myself open to a whole slew of self-damning, super self-critical dialogue, that I actively engage, over and over. As though proving to myself how good I truly am at talking myself out of things, in believing that Love is not meant for me, in the successful negative fantasies. 

In the moments of judgment, Love for Self is lost, and replaced by limiting fear, doubt, anxiety, and worry — Love is stifled. In my relationships, I choose to surround myself with people who lift my spirit, who feed me energetically, and yet, in the private hours with myself, I engage myself with undermining, energy stealing, over controlling, limiting thoughts. This person, this thing, is a part of me — my shadow Self yearning for Love and acceptance.

The truth is, in the moments where I have awareness into my self-damning, limiting thoughts, those are the moments for me to summons Love. To damn myself for self-damning judgments seems to feed a perpetual cycle of self-induced insanity. Rather, in the moments where judgment is at our door step, welcome it in. The task is in holding close to the knowing that we are not our thoughts. Said in a different way, we are not what we tell ourselves that we are. In the moments where we feel the spin of judgment, welcome a breath.

In breath, fear and love cannot exist at the same time, in breath we actively choose to nourish ourselves from the inside out. Climbing the ladder from our thoughts and into our hearts. We are conditioned to live in accordance to anxiety, to a perceived toughness of life, to a never enough, work harder life style. This is the only place judgment can exist, the internal measuring stick is always waiting for us. Can you accept the part of yourself that has been conditioned, eagerly waiting to remind you of how poorly you are doing? Can you accept that this exists within you, but you do not have to be it? We do not have to prove it right, in fact, we just need to change the channel. 

Change your thoughts, change your life.
Perhaps, when we dare to look at the circumstances of our lives differently, the circumstances have space to change. When we choose to see the gift within each encounter, every heartbreak, any misfortune, of ourselves, we can see our silver lining. In discovering the underlying lesson, growth truly happens. As awareness to our thoughts deepens, we see the patterning of perpetuating negative fantasies, limiting any expansion into thoughts of positive outcome. Limiting my fantasies to those with predictable, see I told you it wouldn’t work out thoughts, was comfortable for me. It kept me in a place of predictability, emotional safety, even if it caused pain and suffering, there was comfort in my constant chest aches. A beautiful healer, Rachel Lang, once said, “Jen, the heart isn’t a place you think about living from... just be in your heart.” This message was profound for me, as I realized that I was searching for my heart, for my center, unable to acknowledge that it never left, I did.

Set the intention to leave your heart open no matter what, choosing to see all that comes your way as blessings all in service for something much better then you ever could imagine. Choose to win in your fantasies. The work isn’t that our dreams are too big, rather, it is us choosing to acknowledge our barriers and walls telling us that we are not worthy or good enough for our desires. The desire is our truth, it is a message from our hearts, lean into them. Trust that your message of passion is intention speaking to you. 

Are you willing to hear, see and act from the place of your heart? 

Daring to let our hearts lead us, bears the fruit of emotional freedom, of liberation. 

Personal freedom IS for you! 
When thoughts leave us feeling uncomfortable, upset, out of alignment, we have the power to choose a different thought. Because we all have the right to feel good! Any thought that expands you is a thought of truth, that which constricts you, is a thought based on fear, based on judgment.

If some of us have rights to a life full of personal freedom, then we all do — the sweetness is not limited to a select few. Money, sex, love, abundance — all are neutral concepts welcoming us in. We possess limiting misbeliefs and judgments around these terms, scripts many of us bought into when we were young children. Spend time acknowledging and bringing your awareness to these scripts, how are they serving you, can you let them go? Are you willing to commit to yourself, to dissolving the resistance keeping you from experiencing bliss?

The truth is, abundance is all around us, waiting for us to allow it into our lives. The truth is no one is left behind, rather we leave ourselves out. Consider that we have already won in our fantasies, the task is rather, in working our walls and barriers keeping us from basking in the deliciousness of victory. The task is in allowing Love to fill our voids, not fear.

The truth is, when we allow the belief of Love is inclusive to build, swell and grow, we gain momentum in courage to work our inner process with honesty and integrity. Allowing our selves to change our channel of thoughts, brings empowerment. With awareness to the notion that we in fact have complete dominion over our thoughts, we expand into action, gaining self-trust and self-respect. We are the gatekeepers to your personal freedom.

We are constantly in an engagement with life, it is in how we choose to relate to ourselves while we experience our reality that shapes us. Acknowledgement is a gateway to freedom, setting the brick work for emotional responsibility, for freedom. Nothing in life is either right or wrong, it is the judgments we cast out and onto ourselves that deem it as such. Loving ourselves through our experiences, accepting the humanness of ourselves and of those around us is the icing to our cake. 

Learning to let ourselves win in our fantasies, we are all doing the best that we can. Singing new songs of love, patience and truth — of living our hearts desires.