Creating the Life You Want

In the midst of an East Coast winter, I find myself put to the test, that is am I willing to truly walk my talk? Momentum comes and goes, with my faith expanding and contracting into my emotional roller coaster. In this time of hunkering down, I find myself wondering, what do I intend to cultivate, what do I want my life to feellike, and will I let myself have it?

Just like that, I am catapulted into a boiling pot of anxiety, doubt, fear, worry, curiosity, overwhelm and excitement. Just like that, the wheels are churning, feeding into my discomfort, at my own free-will. Awaiting to greet me in my simmer are self-judgments laced with misbeliefs of my value and worth. This is the moment where any small degree of stuck-ness in contemplation can in fact become a never ending cycle of shame based self-induced insanity. 

If living life is truly about picking yourself up no matter what and moving forward, then the precursor to jumping with both feet in is establishing what it is we are living for. The precursor asks for us to be mindful of the way we are relating to ourselves and our experience, because before we ask for the life we want, how we treat ourselves is our personal game changer in manifesting the life we dream.

Suspend the Dream
Our door to prosperity and abundance is always wide open, waiting for us to walk through, and yet, there we stand casting out all of our “I can’t, it won’t work, I won’t matter, it doesn’t make sense,” congesting our dream along the way. This is a negative fantasy based on past fears projected onto our future. Said in a different way, the thoughts of fear and worry we hold about manifesting our dreams is not our truth. They are just thoughts we are choosing to have based on unresolved past experiences. 

Allow for a moment to suspend your dream. 
Let it float on out, without putting the pressure of taking action, without adding the responsibility of seeing it through to fruition. Knowing that anything is possible, dreams too crave the space to spread out into the unknown. Dreaming is giving ourselves permission to play with our desires and life’s passions, dreaming is about believing.

What we say matters
Language becomes the blueprint to what we experience in our lives, a dialogue we have with ourselves, in thoughts we choose to have. Not only is it our ability to articulate and receive our truths, but our spoken and unspoken words hold the power to spiral our energetic vibration to the heavens or keep us locked in a dream of pain.

Language is our gateway into self-awareness, welcoming us to identify thoughts that expand us as truths, and thoughts which constrict as misbeliefs or judgements.

Bliss. Joy. Passion. Worthy. Love. Peace. Play. Desire. Whole. Truth. Lovable. Can. Soar.

Consider the thoughts we allow ourselves to have about ourselves can in fact be from a place of encouragement, endearment, trust, love and loyalty. We are the authority of our lives, fully capable of choosing to dissolve thoughts keeping us bound, while welcoming those whose origins reside in opening and support.

Match cant’s with cans, have tos to wants, don’t deserve to I am worthy, hopeless to hopeful and your life changes will be abound.

Letting Go
It’s hard letting go, I get it. It’s scary, it often doesn’t make sense, and is entirely uncomfortable as we find ourselves in a positioning of vulnerability. Are we willing to stand down from our position as being right, victimized, wronged, entitled? We have an opportunity to create space, for our delicate dream seeds to take flight and flourish. When we let go of our identification to a story embedded in hurt and pain, when we resolve an irrational fear with rational love, energetic space is created for something to come in. 

Letting go is working our inner process with honesty and integrity, in seeing choice in holding onto pain and hurt or allowing space enough for it to transform into a lesson of growth and opportunity. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, only thinking makes it so. 

This is about allowing our pain to go, surrendering, as we stand down from our position. With compassion in tow, it is okay to forgive ourselves and let go, because the truth is, we are all doing the best that we can. 

We, our entire beautiful, lovable selves, encompass what it is that is worth living life for. The passions that drive us, the desires of our hearts that keep us awake, keeps us moving forward. Discovering that we are all the sweetness of life, sets us up to wholeheartedly answer, what do I want to create?

Because after all, we are all meant for a beautiful life.