Saying Yes To Living Life

Living life — that is, being an active participant of living — in the past has been a consistently overwhelming, “I want to curl up in a ball under my bed” kind of experience. Life as I perceived it was full of unpredictable blows, a “I should be working harder” philosophy, and shoot, I’m contending with yet another broken heart.

With any new opportunity knocking at my door, I would catch myself thinking, What if it doesn’t work out? What if who I am is not good enough?

With a fire ignited, I realized I was afraid of living, I was afraid to not only discover who I was, but to live my life in accordance to my values. And life truly is one big experiment always wanting to draw us closer into the game, closer to the sweet spot illuminating peace.

Ask for what you want.
As I see it, if abundance and prosperity in the matters of the heart or finances, are available to some, they are most certainly available to all. There is no discrimination in who gets what and how more worthy others are then ourselves to receive. The truth is we are the ones responsible for the level of abundance, happiness and peace we experience in our lives, because we are simultaneously responsible for our projected caps and limitations. 

Let’s consider that if we are responsible for our caps then we are also responsible for creating a windfall of abundance and bliss. 

When energy and investment is on the line, allow yourself expend in a way that not only makes you feel good, but moves you closer to your desires. We know all to well, what living in a dream of Hell feels like, where we find ourselves unable to express ourselves, to speak the truths of who we are, so what would happen if in our experiment of living life, we flipped our train of thought and choose a different track?

What if, we allowed ourselves to play in a dream full of peace, expression and happiness, where we dared to show up as ourselves, no bells, whistles or masks, just ourselves? 

Living life is the ultimate experiment.
What are your passions? That is, what moves you, what ignites that little spark within you? 

Grab ahold of it and do more of that very thing, because it is hard to know what to ask for if we are unclear about who we are, about what makes us feel alive. 

Capitalizing on our passions puts us in a higher energetic frequency to receive, as our hearts burst wide open.

From the place of an open heart, visualize for yourself what it is that you want to create in your life. Map it out on chart paper, write it in a journal, sing it out loud — give the life you want to create a voice.

Are there areas you want to let go of, draining your energy, begging for release? 

However uncomfortable those commitments feel, the good news is that it’s a choice to have them apart of your life. Allow yourself to honestly assess your current state of energy expenditure, and without judgment, entertain what you would like to have apart of your life instead? What will offer positive deposits in your bank?

Now, as much as we want to look at others for being the reason why we cannot have the life we want, the truth is there is no other person more responsible for the outcome of our lives then ourselves. 

No one puts us in a bad mood, or stands in our way of becoming our greatest, we choose to have those negative thoughts, we choose to back down from our dreams, keeping our selves small in a very big world. 

Life is all in service for you, your growth, the expansions and contractions, all the catapults propelling you forward. Many doors are opening and closing, some supporting growth, others keeping us status quo and while some are wanting to keep us behind — but we always have a choice into which door we walk through. 

So, are you ready for the most powerful, enchanting, magic filled experience? 

This experience is called life, and it is entirely full of possibilities for you, you are powerful enough to create the life you want.

Take a risk and LIVE your life!