Soul-Centered Life Coaching



What do you want? that is, what do you really, truly desire?

Soul-Centered Life Coaching is an investment in you. Carving out space in time to explore your deepest desires, you are supported in pivoting into an even deeper truth, where you know anything is possible.  It's easy to feel overwhelmed, as though our dreams are too big + forever out of our reach. Through our work, I encourage you to feel into your yearning, supporting you in discovering the freedom of living beyond perceived limitations + realizing what is possible in your life. 

A dream remains a dream without action.

Coaching is an experiential exploration of who you are. When you dare to discover who you are, everything you experience becomes an opportunity to learn + grow, leaving you feeling empowered, present + purposeful. 

Throughout the process, you are supported in identifying + removing barriers that are blocking you from reaching your goals, while cultivating life tools, both inner + external, to secure success. What's the payout for investing in you: awareness, expansion + personal freedom. 

Be Bold. Be Courageous. Be You.

I welcome you to unlock the passions of your heart, because the truth is, you are meant for a beautiful life!

Are you ready to be All IN?

"Jen is a powerful coach, mentor and Reiki master and working with her was transformational for me. It was as if my soul knew she was a safe place to express all that needed to be uncovered, explored and healed while also being a safe place to truly BE. I found myself crying within minutes of our first session, before the “work” even began, as if something inside of me finally exhaled. I felt seen, heard and gently, lovingly, strongly encouraged. I actually have quotes from our sessions on my office wall as beautiful reminders of Truth she’s shared. I highly recommend Jen as a partner on your evolutionary path." ~ Susan W. - 2018