Reiki Certification Courses

Welcome to the Ancient Healing Art of Reiki, your divine remembering of who you are.  


Dr. Usui Reiki Level I Healing Practitioner Certification Course

Saturday, July 21st

773 Congress Street ~ Camden

Together, in this 5 hour experiential course, we explore the sacred origins of Reiki as an Ancient Healing Art and the Reiki Healing Session.  

Students will receive attunement and certification as a Dr. Usui Level I Reiki Practitioners at the culmination of the course, empowering them to use this work as practitioners in their daily lives and in their communities.

Cost of Course: $175 plus student handbook. A nutritious lunch is provided.

To register, please contact 542-2060 or email


Dr. Usui Reiki Level II Healing Practitioner Certification Course


Building on the fundamental principles established during Reiki Level I, each student will receive an energetic initiation into the 2nd Degree of Reiki, through an attunement. Students will learn to share the energy of Reiki through distance healing, as well as hone their intuitions and deepen their practice of hands-on healing. Working on a deeper level, together we explore three of the five Reiki symbols. 

Reiki Level II Healing Practitioner Certification is granted upon completion of course.

Cost of course: $175

To register, please call  542-2060 or email directly at


Reiki Master/Teacher Healing Practitioner Certification

Friday, August 17th

91 Elm Street, Camden Whole Health Center ~ Camden

With this degree, you are ready to share your knowledge as a Reiki Master/Teacher. Building on our foundations learned from Reiki I and Reiki II, you will acquire the knowledge and practice needed to pass Reiki attunements and teaching Reiki courses. 
Upon completion of course, student attains Master attunement and Reiki Master/Teacher certification.

Cost of Course: $175

To register, please call 542-2060 or email directly at

"Jen is simply amazing! I had a Reiki session with her a little over a month ago and it was truly one of the best experiences of my life. I felt the energy in the room the moment I walked thru the door. Without knowing much about me she validated a lot of what I knew to be true even the things I was attempting to ignore. It was done with so much love and light that leaving just made me want more.
Yesterday, I woke up excited knowing I would be driving to Rockland to learn Reiki I and be in the presence of such an amazing soul. The day was MAGICAL, it was where I was suppose to be at this time in my life and I am so grateful that Jen is part of my spiritual journey.
I encourage all who are curious about Reiki and curious about learning more about themselves to seek Jen. She is your person. I believe we can change the world if we all learned to love ourselves and she has the tools to do just that. I am forever grateful and look forward to spending more time with and learning more from her. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!" - Amy B., 2016