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Photo Credit: Jen Dean Photography

Photo Credit: Jen Dean Photography

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Ishnala ~ North Bend, Washington

Ishnala ~ North Bend, Washington

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What people are saying

Working with Jen has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself. In short - she helped me change my life.

Growing up, I knew I was always meant for “greatness,” but didn’t know what that meant or even how to access it within myself. I got to a point in my life where I began changing direction and questioned those deeper parts of myself yet to be explored. Jen entered, like a gift from the Universe, to help me gain access to that ever-present intuition and deep knowing that had lay dormant within me for most of my life.

Jen guided me gently into this process of getting to know my Highest Self. By creating a safe space filled with support, active-listening and her own powerful intuition, I was able to get really honest with who I am and what I wanted in life. She taught me how to trust my inner voice, discern between my ego and authentic self, create strong boundaries, speak my truth and, as as a result, cultivate the power and energy to make positive changes in my personal and professional life. I learned to hear and trust my own intuition which has helped me support and guide others, particularly my life coaching clients, to their own vast spiritual realms that exist within them, often untapped and ignored. I’m amazed and inspired by the changes I’ve witnessed in their lives as well as my own.

Being able to see life from a higher altitude, it has become so much easier to uncover the gift in every challenge and discover the blessing in every moment. Now I am creating a life that I never even knew was possible or available for me. I am forever grateful for the work we did and continue to do together.
— Derek K.
Words can almost not describe the transformational power Jennifer posses. I had three consecutive reiki sessions with her early this summer and I saw more healing and happiness within myself than I have for a long time- more than I had with any other healer. Her kind energy is infectious and also empowering. If you are looking for energy work I highly suggest Jennifer! She brought so much joy to my life and helped bring clarity and direction like never before. It’s my prayer that more people are able to work with Jennifer closely, as the world would have a greater abundance of love and light.
— Hannah M.
Jen is a powerful coach, mentor and Reiki master and working with her was transformational for me. It was as if my soul knew she was a safe place to express all that needed to be uncovered, explored and healed while also being a safe place to truly BE. I found myself crying within minutes of our first session, before the “work” even began, as if something inside of me finally exhaled. I felt seen, heard and gently, lovingly, strongly encouraged. I actually have quotes from our sessions on my office wall as beautiful reminders of Truth she’s shared. I highly recommend Jen as a partner on your evolutionary path.
— Susan W.
Cannot give enough stars to express how I feel about my experience with Jennifer. I did my Level I and II Reiki Attunement with Jennifer and it was simply beautiful.

Her demeanor is so kind, and soft you feel completely held in love and like possibly, you’ve know her all your life. My Attunement was a soulful ritual that left me feeling completed lifted and connected to a deep, deep part of my self. I cannot recommend Jennifer enough and feel so very lucky to have found this wonderful human. Thank you from my whole heart Jennifer!
— Hannah T.