Reiki Master/Teacher + Transformational Life Coach

 Photo Credit: Jen Dean Photography

Photo Credit: Jen Dean Photography

 Nourishment for Mind, Body + Spirit

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Dr. Usui Reiki First Degree Certification Course

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Saturday, September 1st  Camden, ME

Saturday, september 15th

Portland, Me

Dr. Usui Reiki Second Degree Certification Course


saturday, october 13th

portland, me



A Guided Meditation Series for your Mind, Body + Spirit

What people are saying

I recently met Jennifer for the first time for my Reiki II attunement. The ritual was very meaningful in its own right. The experience was made more meaningful and empowering given Jennifer’s intuitive guidance and insight.
It helped me move beyond my prior Reiki I class to see Reiki as part of my journey.
I think of her as a mentor and guide for anyone pursuing a spiritual path. Namaste. ~ Michael D.


"Jen is a powerful coach, mentor and Reiki master and working with her was transformational for me. It was as if my soul knew she was a safe place to express all that needed to be uncovered, explored and healed while also being a safe place to truly BE. I found myself crying within minutes of our first session, before the “work” even began, as if something inside of me finally exhaled. I felt seen, heard and gently, lovingly, strongly encouraged. I actually have quotes from our sessions on my office wall as beautiful reminders of Truth she’s shared. I highly recommend Jen as a partner on your evolutionary path." ~ Susan W. 

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